EPI-450 (Engine parameter indicator) is designed to indicate engine parameters obtained in the form of analog, binary digital signals (according to GOST 18977-79 and RTM 1495-84) from the electronic unit of the automatic control system and control of one engine of the aircraft.

It is installed in two places of the cockpit and provides the display of engine parameters for pilots.


Key features:

  • provides display of engine performance (including analog and one-time commands).
  • list of displayed parameters in the form of arrows, columns, circles and numbers:
  • rotation speed of the gas generator rotor;
  • air rotation speed;
  • rotor speed of the free turbine;
  • gas temperature for PT;
  • RUDa installation angle;
  • oil temperature;
  • oil pressure;
  • torque;
  • engine power;
  • fuel consumption;
  • air temperature;
  • total engine operating time;
  • total running time of the engine in the mode of the HF;
  • total engine operating time in MP mode;
  • total number of flight cycles;
  • the total number of engine starts;
  • voltage of the onboard network;
  • current in the circuit (battery charge/discharge).


The indicator also provides information in the form of text messages as a display.

  • Exchange on the channel is carried out asynchronously “ALL” in free access to information.
  • Receives information from the RDC-450M C unit (hereinafter RDC) on two asynchronous information-equivalent channels (control channel A and control channel B) over digital data lines.


Main Specifications:

  • Code information is transmitted by signals of the form “code sequential” in accordance with GOST 18977-79 and RTM 1495-84, the transmission rate is 100 Kbps ± 1%;
  • Form and characteristics of bipolar serial code signals according to GOST 18977-79 and RTM 1495-84;

Provides information exchange on the following lines of communication:

  • 2 input channels according to GOST 18977-79 and RTM 1495-84;
  • 1 output channel according to GOST 18977-79 and RTM 1495-84 (reserve);
  • 20 LCD inputs (27 V / break);
  • 4 analog inputs (DSU1-2 fuel level sensor);
  • 4 analog inputs for measuring the voltage of the side panel (DC voltage, 0 – 40 V);
  • 4 analog inputs measuring load current (charge / discharge battery); (Shunt in battery plus wire, ± 1V).

Performance characteristics:

  • the power supply of the indicator is supplied from one DC source +27 V with the quality of electricity, which meets the requirements of GOST 19705-89;
  • the power consumed by the DC power supply does not exceed 50 W;
  • operating temperature: -30 to + 55ºС;
  • operating short-term temperature: + 70ºС;
  • limit temperature from -55 to + 85ºС;
  • weight: not more than 2.5 kg;
  • overall dimensions: 170x145x85 mm.

Composition of equipment:

  • engine parameter indicator (display 6.5 “) – 1 pc;
  • assembly kit;
  • operational documentation.