About enterprise

Limited Liability Company “ORIZON-NAVIGATION”  was organized in 1995 on the basis of the divisions of  Smilanskiy radio device plant “ORIZON”, which have been engaged in the development and production of navigation equipment since 1979. The main enterprise profile is the development and production of GPS/GLONASS/SBAS satellite navigation equipment, implementation of GNSS technologies.

The main enterprise profile is the development and production of GPS/GLONASS/SBAS satellite navigation equipment, implementation of GNSS technologies. Based on 40 years of experience, a highly professional team was formed at the enterprise, identified priority areas of development and created its own development ideology.

In line with the achievements of time, four generations of base modules and four generations of the equipment under construction have changed. Today the company possesses the most advanced technologies of creation of complex radioelectronic systems, high scientific and technical potential and highly qualified specialists. All ideas embodied in the equipment are protected by patents and related certificates. Various aspects of the development of satellite navigation equipment are covered in scientific and technical seminars and conferences. The latest models of equipment are displayed at specialized exhibitions.


The main scientific and technical achievements of the enterprise are in the field:

  • designing specialized analog and digital SLIC (specialized large integrated circuits);
  • development of specialized antennas for receiving signals from GPS/GLONASS/SBAS satellite navigation systems;
  • development of algorithms and programs for equipment based on GPS/GLONASS signal receivers;
  • development of unified technical solutions that allow them to create equipment for different consumers.


The company develops and manufactures the following equipment:

  • GPS/GLONASS navigation sensors and feature modules for embedded applications (OEM);
  • aviation navigation equipment for passenger and transport trunk aircraft, local overhead airplanes, helicopters;
  • Navigation and information systems for military aircraft;
  • time and frequency synchronization equipment;
  • professional GPS/GLONASS navigation receivers and marine and terrestrial navigation equipment, for harsh environments;
  • railway safety and traffic management equipment;

Distinctive features of the equipment, which is created and manufactured at limited liability company “Orizon-Navigation”:

  1. Multisystem – the ability to work both together, and for each individually global navigation systems GLONASS (RF) and GPS (USA), in the future GALILEO (EU) and COMPASS (China), as well as the ability to use their functional additions EGNOS ( EU), WAAS (USA), MSAS (Japan) and others.
  2. Professionalism – compliance with standards, documents, special technical specifications, etc.
  3. Reliability, accuracy and increased noise immunity of the equipment. Integrated integrity control algorithm with the exception of unreliable measurements. Integration with external sensors of course, speed, altitude and more.
  4. High quality of development, manufacture and warranty service of products. The complete cycle of development and production, including testing and acceptance under the control of the customer’s representative, is a certified quality management system according to ISO 9001.
  5. Own development of all components of the equipment – circuitry, design, software. Information and technological independence based on their own scientific and technical achievements.
  6. Individual approach to the requirements of each consumer, implementation in the equipment of the special requirements of the consumer.
  7. Use of modern test methods based on GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO/EGNOS signal simulator. Inspection in laboratory conditions of various scenarios of movement (marine, aviation, land) and operating conditions of the equipment.


All manufactured products are certified.

The enterprise has implemented a Quality Management System (certified since 2002) and received a Certificate No: 21.580.180 of May 25, 2021 for compliance with ISO 9001: 2015 standard for the development, production, installation and maintenance of radio electronic equipment for consumers of satellite navigation systems and equipment management of traffic and safety of railway transport.

Today, LLC “Orizon-Navigation” offers over 30 items of equipment for various applications in the fields of aviation, maritime and ground transportation, military equipment and special-purpose products.

The production of the equipment is carried out under the control of the representative office of the customer.

LLC “Orizon-Navigation” is a recognized leader in the creation of satellite navigation equipment in Ukraine!