Satellite Navigation Equipment CH-4215

The new CH-4215 equipment is a development of the CH-3210 (for moving ground vehicles), but with the ability to be used individually and with improved tactical and technical characteristics.

The CH-4215 is designed to determine the coordinates of location, track speed, and time using the SNS/GLONASS and GPS SBAS radios, as well as the management and service tasks of military units.


CH-4215 equipment provides the main tasks:

  • determination of operational navigational parameters, speed, direction of movement of the consumer and current time, estimation of accuracy of determination of coordinates, determination of angles of spatial orientation (optional, if 2-3 antennas are included in the set);
  • display of current coordinates in the systems: WGS-84, SK-42, PZ-90.02, SK-95, UTM and MGRS, linear coordinates in the Gauss map projection or in the system specified by the operator;
  • displaying your own location on a digital map background;
  • providing route navigation:

– entering and storing routes (at least 50 routes with 50 waypoints in each route) in tabular and graphical form;

– display of traffic routes on the background of a digital map;

– control of the traffic on the route (deviation from the route, information about the approach to the route point, calculation of the schedule of the route);

– saving and displaying the track;

  • distance measurement (ruler);
  • work with GLONASS and GPS SNA simultaneously or with each SNA separately;
  • exchange of information with interacting entities equipped with similar equipment and communication channels for deployment of information systems for controlling and managing mobile units;
  • automated solution of navigation, meteorological and ballistic training tasks (optional);


CH-4215 equipment provides itinerary navigation:

  •  laying of benchmarks (route planning);
  • remembering, editing and further using routes;
  • calculation of navigation parameters to reach a given point;
  • selection and mapping of the route;
  • select the mode of movement of objects;
  • control of the trajectory of movement;
  • calculation of azimuth, distance, time of movement to the turning point, expected time of arrival to it, the recommended speed of movement;
  • issuing notifications of arrival at special points of the route;

Measurements provide the calculation of the directional angles (in degrees and divisions of the angle meter) and distances to objects and between objects, as well as the solution of forward and reverse geodetic tasks.


Specifications CH-4215:

  • the SNS receiver receives the signals of the NSA of the SNS systems GLONASS (L1), GPS (L1) and wideband differential systems (SBAS) through 32 channels of reception;
  • accuracy of determination of coordinates / height – 10/15 m, speed – 0.1 m / s;
  • azimuth accuracy (at least 3 m) – 0.2 deg;
  • DCU display – color, graphic, touch, information field – 170,0 x 110,0 mm (200 mm diagonal), resolution – 600 x 800 pixels;
  • 16GB of internal storage;
  • operating temperature – from minus 30 to plus 50 C;
  • power supply – 12, 24, 27 V onboard network, built-in batteries;
  • battery life (from batteries) – not less than 3 h (at 50% brightness, under normal temperature conditions);
  • interfaces – RS 232/422, USB0, Wi-Fi, DigiMesh, ETHERNET;
  • antenna – external (integrated with GNSS receiver) and integrated;
  • constructive execution – meets the requirements for gr. 1.7 – 1.14;
  • SMP includes a mounting bracket;

Dimensions and weight:

  • DCU – 218 x 191 x 57 mm, 2.5 kg;
  • receiver module – 120 x 74 x 86.6 mm, not more than 0.3 kg.

Typical composition of equipment CH-4215:

  • display and Control Unit (DCU) (with GNSS receiver);
  • external antenna (with GNSS receiver);
  • a set of cables, a set of ZIP-O and a set of mounting parts (SMP);
  • set of operational documents, package.