Automatic complex of intelligence is designed for provision of the units of land forces and special operations forces with navigation, conduction of intelligence, definition of point (goals, guidelines) coordinates on the territory and shooting correction. The purpose of complex usage is following:

  • conduction of opto – electronic intelligence of goals (objects), battlefield observation;
  • measurement of the distance to objects (goals) and identification of the directions on them;
  • definition of the personal place of location coordinates, definition of objects, goals, missile explosion coordinates;
  • location orientation;
  • transmission (exchange) of the information through connection channels.


CN-4003 complex provides fulfillment of major tasks, such as:

  • detection of the distance to objects (goals) and angles of their sighting with points that ensure set precision of the coordinates definition and absolute height of the objects (goals), being explored;
  • performance of the information regarding the distance to the object (goal) and angles of their sighting on the digital interface;
  • manual or tripod measurement of polar or rectangular coordinates and determination of height (place angle) points (guidelines, goals) on the location, survey connection of the elements of combat orders of the subdivisions;
  • identification of current coordinates and the information about the coordinate system on the screen of the navigation receiver;
  • saving of current coordinates as a routing point;
  • detection of the rectangular coordinates of the connection point on the direction angles from one point and to one (two) outgoing points;
  • calculation of the time of arrival to the point, calculation of movement speed, signalization on the approach to the defined distance to the point with defined coordinates, settings for deviation calculations from movement route;
  • calculations by the definition of coordinates and height of group goals, size of the group goal ( front and depth);
  • calculation of direct serifs;
  • calculation of inverse serifs by the orientation device with help of the measured angles (definition of the rectangular coordination of the point connected by the directional angles from two (three) outgoing points);
  • calculation of the local amendment to the coordinates and height relevant to the geodetic network station and receipt of the corrected rectangular coordinates and height (taking into consideration the amendment) by moving to the connected points;
  • calculation by the definition of the range and direction amendment of the ballistic and meteorological shooting conditions deviation from those indicated in spreadsheet;
  • display of the information (coordinates, angles etc.) on the background of the digital card;
  • night work, in conditions of the insufficient lighting, by the clear sun light;
  • conduction of visual location intelligence;
  • solution of the cartographic tasks.


Technical features of СН-4003 complex:

  • average rectangular lapse for the definition of current value of complex СН – 4003 location navigation settings not more than:

– location coordinates – 10 м;

– height – 15 м;

  • general amount of the radio signal receipt channels from НКА GPS/ГЛОНАСС/GALILEO/SBAS/ – 32;
  • interfaces: for docking with rangefinder, and connection devices  – RS232 – 2 ports;
  • downloading of cartographic material USB;  – 1 port;
  • for docking with digital connection devices – Ethernet.


Characteristics of rangefinder ЛПР-И:

  • range of distance measurement, from 145 m. to 10000 m.;
  • range of direction measurement, degree celsius – 360;
  • range of height measurement, degree Celsius – +30; -30;
  • precision of distance measurement, m +10; -10;
  • maximum range of optical detection – not less than, km 10;
  • field of view angle in the mode of detection 1-11 (06,7);
  • the multiplicity of optical channel increase;
  • sighting.


External influence factors:

  • working temperatures: from -30 C to +60 C;
  • marginal temperatures: from -40 C to +65 C;
  • increased relative humidity by the temperature 25 C:
  • for ПН, modem KE 100%;
  • for ЛПР-И, ПЗ 98%;
  • reduced atmospheric pressure 6×104 Па (450 мм рт. ст.).


Characteristics of СН-4003 complex:

  • lapse of goals coordinate detection 10-20 m on the distance till 5 km.


Power of complex СН-4003:

  • from accumulator battery ( from the complex warehouse);
  • from the side network of constant current (with the possibility of battery charging), voltage – 12, 24, 27 B;
  • power of consumption of the equipment СН-4003 in mode of signal СНС receipt by the power supply from external source of constant current, voltage from 10,8 to 29,7 B; not more than – 3 Вт;
  • time of continuous work in condition of combat use – 12 Hours;
  • time of work in expectation mode and receipt of target designation – 72 Hours.


Overall dimensions and mass:

  • mass: navigation receiver, kg, not more than – 0,8; laser intelligence device, kg, not more than – 2,5; komplex СН-4003 in rucksack for caring, kg, not more than 7.
  • overall dimensions: navigation receiver СН – 4003, мм – 171×74,5×47; LID, mm – 225×220×116; modem, mm – 108,6×63×35,3.


Composition of the equipment СН-4003:

  • navigation receiver ( NR);
  • laser intelligence device (LID);
  • modem;
  • charging device (CD);
  • set of operational documents;
  • set of cables;
  • single ЗІП set;
  • set of mounting parts.